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Comedy Fight Club

Nov 8, 2020


Scott Holt Vs Nick Fierro

Jesse Montanez vs Arnold Peter

Rachel Rowan vs Cody Wright

Carl Callen vs Richard Dweck


Mark Henely vs KP Burke

OFFICALS: Patrick Haggerty Mark Henely and Niko Pav

JUDGES: Don Jamieson, Ming Chen, Chris Wood, Shawn Gardini and Nate Marshall

HOST: Matt Maran

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This episode was recorded on Saturday October 24th. This show was recorded at a secret backyard location, however it is typically recorded LIVE at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC, go watch live every Sunday at 9PM! Get $5 tickets at The Stand when you use promo code CFC. Not in the NYC area? You can still watch Comedy Fight Club LIVE every Wednesday at 10:30pm online for FREE ONLY on Once you're there, become a member and gain access to our entire archive of episodes! Use promo code CFC and save 15% at sign up!  

Follow this week's comics on Social Media: Scott Holt: @ballsyholt, Nick Fierro: @schtickfierro, Jesse Montanez: @jessemcomic, Arnold Peter: @deliverycharge, Rachel Rowan: @bleueyedhusky, Cody Wright: @wright.cody, Richard Dweck: @rdweck93, KP Burke: @kpburkesucks, Ming Chen: @mingchen37, Chris Wood: @tummynuggetz, Shawn Gardini: @shwangardini, Dona Jamieson: @donjamiesonofficial Matt Maran: @RealMattMaran, Justin Lanza: @lanzabeforetime, Niko Pav: @IronicPunHere, Andrew Casertano: @AndrewCasertano