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Comedy Fight Club

Oct 20, 2021

Connor Dixon vs Meg Felling
Jack Burke vs Matt Woodland
Luke Gralia vs Jared Schwartz
Suzanne Lea Shepherd vs Linette Palladino
Stephen Bolles vs Dave Sheehan
JUDGES:  Dalton Pruitt, Patrick Schroeder, Rob Mailloux, Kerryn Feehan
OFFICIALS: Nikola Pavlovic, Mark Henely, Ben Miller
DJ: Derick Gonzalez
HOST: Matt Maran
This episode was recorded on September 26th, 2021. This show is usually recorded LIVE at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC. Not in the NYC area? You can still watch Comedy Fight Club on youtube and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @comedyfightnyc
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Follow this week's battlers on Social Media:  Mark Henely: Connor Dixon: @itsconnordixon, Meg Felling: @poorpotatoface, Jack Burke: @burke_jack_, Matt Woodland: @matt.woodland, Luke Gralia: @graliass, Jared Schwartz: @thekidjared, Suzanne Lea Shepherd: @suzanneleashep, Linette Palladino: @linette_palladino, Stephen Bolles: @stephenmclonghairbolles, Dave Sheehan: @shroudofsilence, Dalton Pruitt: @saltydalty69420, Patrick Schroeder: @schrotime, Rob Mailloux: @roblovesarguing, Kerryn Feehan: @kerrynfeehan, @MarkHenely, Matt Maran: @RealMattMaran, Nikola Pavlovic: @IronicPunHere, Derek Gonzalez: @officiallyderickgonzalez, Ben Miller: @thisisbenmiller