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Comedy Fight Club

Jan 26, 2021

Rusty Wright vs Rob Crews
Jeff Roser vs Rachel Fogletto
Scott Holt vs Richard Dweck
Angelo Gingerelli vs Matt Nascimento
Greg Cardazone vs Rob Cardazone
JUDGES: Shawn Gardini, Ming Chen, Sidney Gantt, Andy Malafarina
OFFICIALS: Mark Henely, Niko Pav, Patrick Haggerty
DJ: Derek Gonzalez @officiallyderekgonzalez
HOST: Matt Maran
This episode was recorded on January 17th 2021. This show is usually recorded LIVE at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC. Not in the NYC area? You can still watch Comedy Fight Club on youtube and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @comedyfightnyc
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Follow this week's battlers on Social Media: Rusty Wright: @rusty_jawn, Rob Crews: @robcrewscomedy, Jeff Roser: @safaribakari, Rachel Fogletto: @rachelfogletto, Richard Dweck: @rdweck93, Scott Holt: @ballsyholt, Angelo Gingerelli: @mr5thround, Matt Nascimento: @matt_nascimento1, Shawn Gardini: @shwangardini, Ming Chen: @mingchen37, Sidney Gantt: @sidneygantt, Andy Malafarina: @andymalafarina, Greg and Rob Cardazone: @gregandrob, Mark Henely: @MarkHenely, Matt Maran: @RealMattMaran, Nikola Pavlovic: @IronicPunHere, Derek Gonzalez:@officiallyderekgonzalez, Patrick Haggerty: @patrickhaggertycomedy